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Adderall Fog

Dear Adderall Gods,
I demolished 30mgs today in the blink of an eye, my fingers were moving on the keyboard faster than my brain could process thought while my manic and stuttering speech obviously exhibited that i was on something beyond caffeine.


A whole year and a half has gone by while being artificially aspirated on amphetamine salts; the pharmaceutical haze has been thicker than New England morning fog and I am lying here on another form on another RX that of ambien, letting the warm wave of grogginess wash over me like a morning shower.


Adderall Crash

I’m exhausted.... I’ve been on the adderall roller coaster since April 8th hitting the replay buttom day start and day end. There has really been no beginning or ending of the days, they have turned into blurs and memories that feel took place years ago.

Did we meet with Sarah on Monday, or was that this morning? Yes... it was this morning... I’m losing my mind and my head feels like one big adderall pill.

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The Excitement


Today is a very exciting day. After a few days of low adderall consumption, I’m planning on getting super cracked out today. There’s really nothing quite like getting cracky after a couple days of low consumption. You feel like an adderall virgin and get the euphoric feeling of world take over all over again after the candy melts in your belly. Yum. READ MORE

Sedona + POF = Productivity?

My Addie Friend, Zach, just called asking if I’d like to go to Sedona, Arizona with him for a full 3-4 day crack session. He’s got a time share, and doesn’t know when he’s going to use it, and his thoughts on adderall told him that it would be a good idea to drive to Sedona and participate in nothing else except a delux pof productivity time-share session.


Could be a good idea considering we’d be super cracked out and get a lot of work done. However, it could be an undercover crack out mistake waiting to attack us.

Is this a good idea?


Wireless Router

My buddy Zach doesn’t have a wireless router hooked up in his condo. He’s always said I could plug straight into the wall if I wanted to use the internet when I’m at his condo. So in order to do any kind of work, (and the internet is my work) I have to plug into the wall? Might as well hook me up to a dial tone and kick me in the balls. At least I could hear the dial-up connection noise from my youth, “You’ve Got Mail” days. And my ball pain would help alleviate the icky belly that I’m experiencing. READ MORE