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Fat People Should Buy Two Tickets

I would be so pissed off if I had to sit next to an extremely fat or huge person on an airplane. I always try to get myself an aisle or a seat next to a pretty lady, but I have had to suffer the pain of sitting in the middle between a couple of dudes before.

But never have I ever had to sit next to an extremely fat person or an Andre The Giant size person on an airplane before. And I will die fighting to make sure that I never have to.

I have nothing against fat people, (except for their fat) however, I don’t think its fair that anyone should have to suffer and/or be put in an uncomfortable situation where an extremely large person sits next to you and takes up half of your seat as well.

If airlines charge for luggage and second baggage fee and in some cases charging to use the restroom, they why haven’t we started charging people who take up more than one seat? We charge more to get a XXL shirt. We should charge more for being exceeding the amount of girth these chairs can cover. We have grown out of the “One Size Fits All” airline seating and need to accommodate this change.

And we don’t charge extra because it’s “not fair” to charge a fat person? It’s not their fault they are fat?



If you are ever in a moment of your life where you are not sure what to do, close your eyes, concentrate and ask yourself “What would AJ Pof do?”

Asking yourself “What would AJ Pof do?” or WWAD will get you to realize the answer is right in front of you. Or maybe its in your medicine cabinet. Whereever you believe your answers lies take comfort in knowing that it is closer than you think.


College, The Adderall Age

Every now and then I do some reading other than my Twitter Feed and Status Updates. I recently came across this article written by Deepika Bodapati, who at the time of the article is a 16 year old junior at Presentation High School. Her article is published on -- not bad my young high school Indian.

The title of Deepika’s article is “Adderall: The New Red Bull for Teens” It’s not a bad article considering all the bullshit out on the internet about Adderall, and Adderall Consumption.

But the article is a weak attempt at saying Adderall is a gateway drug, it’s dangerous and deadly and we need to be on the lookout for Adderall abuse in our own back yards.’s never ending with these people.

Listen here Deepika...We have all become instant gratification seeking individuals that expect everything in life to be now, now, now, and perfect, perfect, perfect. While our advances in communicating to one another as well as advances in our overall work efficiency with products like the iPhone, Android, iPad, MacAir, Mac Books and Google Laptop, etc we are all plugged in, and feeding into the system.

If we don't plug in, then we become out of date, passed up and unable to see our child’s camping trip pictures because you didn’t want to create a Facebook account remember? Do you know anyone who still prints pictures these days anyway?

JX-594 Anti-Cancer Virus Found in Canada

Recent news suggests that Canadian Cancer Specialists have found what researchers have labelled a medical first, in that an engineered virus which is injected into the cancer patients blood stream targets cancer cells throughout the body killing them, or at least not letting them get any bigger.


Out of 23 patients, who have highly metabolized cancer, which means that the cancer has spread throughout their body and doesn’t show signs of being decreased, have been injected with a cancer fighting virus which hopes to kill the cancer cells.

This is not the first time that a cancer virus has been suggested to the public. However, normally with cancer viruses, the virus itself had to be administered and injected directly into the tumor. This is extremely difficult as, tumors are not always stationary within the human body.

The anti-cancer virus JX-594 was injected into the blood of 23 patients. 8 out of the 23 patients had the JX-594 replicating itself inside the cancer tumors, and not spreading into other healthy non-cancer cells.


4 Hour Adderall Work Week

I’m going to write a book and call it the “4 Hour Adderall Work Week.” I think the title is perfect for our generation of not just “the new rich” but the new adderall speed “instant gratification” lifestyle that we all want.

This photo from “Clueless” and by Sean D’Souza is a great representation of our current generation.

Not only is the 4 Hour Adderall Work Week affecting the lives of the 15-38 year olds, but little kids are becoming more needy and craving the need for now now now.


Limitless Adderall | Adderallville

Imagine a world where there was LIMITLESS ADDERALL, and no one cared how much adderall you ate.

Feels good doesn’t it?

A world, much like Nellyville, but a world that we'll call Adderallville. This would be a place where limitless adderall would be free for all citizens to enjoy. No more phyciatrsist appointments. No more need for insurance claims, the need for doctor check ups.
The pointless questions of “Have you lost any weight since the last time we met? Are you sleeping properly?” Of course I’m not sleeping properly! I’m on adderall!

We would never run out of adderall, and we would never again have to depend on the insufficient pharmacies to stock their shelves, because in Adderallville adderall is stocked in grocery stories, and they give it out for free.READ MORE

IKEA & Adderall

I’m about to venture to IKEA to pick up some home improvement items. This should make for an interesting story, as being on adderall and being around people is not the best idea.


Thoughts On POF

I find that most of my conversation our either in my head, or out loud when no one is around.

Why is it so hard for the GM’s at RiteAid, CVS and Walgreens to notice that their adderall supply is less than a college freshman attending an IVY league. Stock those shelves up like Chico State and SDSU’s library during finals week!!


Drunk & Cracked Out

Oh my god I am so cracked out, and so damn drunk... dear god I need to go to sleep.


A recent study taken this year has said that there is a link between pesticides in our food and children becoming adhd. What the hell is going on with pesticides these days? Can’t we give is a rest and leave pesticides alone?! Of course they are giving kids attention-deficit disorder. I wouldn’t be surprised if pesticides were the cause of the dinosours becoming extinct! I bet the dino’s used some finger licking good pesticides to keep their cave-man meat nice and preserved. And they were bitching about being overly hyper active.READ MORE

Vyvanse vs Adderall

Read my updated post on the topic here ---> Vyvanse Vs Adderall What’s the deal with Vyvanse? This shit is taking over. Who’s tried it? I’m going to have a full report on vyvanse by the end of the week. I need to eat some.... Here’s a funny example of Vyvanse that I found - READ MORE

Limitless, Yes It's Real

I love, just love, the logline for the new movie LIMITLESS with Bradley Cooper.


It's not a "What If" Mr. Producers, there is a pill that makes you rich and powerful, and it comes in time release and fast acting baby!!! Waahoooo!! Plug me into the adderall matrix because I wan't to learn Chinese!

-AJ out

Google Wallpaper Doodle, I'm Stoned

It’s no surprise that I took a liking to the entire Google Wallpaper Doodle art contest performed by 40 Regional Finalists. I’m super stoned.

This is what Google says:

Vote now on the 40 Regional Finalists!
Here is a display of our top 40 Regional Finalists. Public online voting on these 40 Regional Finalists is now open through May 13, 2011 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT). This public vote will help determine the four national finalists, one per grade group (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12). You may only vote once in each of the four grade groups. On May 19, 2011 we will announce the national winner at an awards ceremony in New York. The national winner's doodle will appear on on May 20, 2011. For a list of the State Finalists that are not a part of this online voting round, please click here.”

I signed into Google and saw the vote now link and just had to click on it. Some of these Google Wallpaper pictures are extremely awesome. And I’m sure that some of the students actually drew some of the pictures, but you know that some of these kids parents drew the picture for the kid in grade school K-3. I’m mean grandmother wrote every single one of my “current events” in 3rd grade, and if this kind of contest was around when I was younger, and my grandmother knew how to draw this well, you better be damn sure that I would have been one of the top 40 regional finalists.

Parents and grandmothers alike, will do anything they can to show of their kid.

Google 13

I’re going to tell me that 7 year old Matteo Lopez here actually drew this Doodle 4 Google?READ MORE

Adderall Crash

I’m exhausted.... I’ve been on the adderall roller coaster since April 8th hitting the replay buttom day start and day end. There has really been no beginning or ending of the days, they have turned into blurs and memories that feel took place years ago.

Did we meet with Sarah on Monday, or was that this morning? Yes... it was this morning... I’m losing my mind and my head feels like one big adderall pill.

Also Read: How To Deal With The Adderall Crash


The Excitement


Today is a very exciting day. After a few days of low adderall consumption, I’m planning on getting super cracked out today. There’s really nothing quite like getting cracky after a couple days of low consumption. You feel like an adderall virgin and get the euphoric feeling of world take over all over again after the candy melts in your belly. Yum. READ MORE

Sedona + POF = Productivity?

My Addie Friend, Zach, just called asking if I’d like to go to Sedona, Arizona with him for a full 3-4 day crack session. He’s got a time share, and doesn’t know when he’s going to use it, and his thoughts on adderall told him that it would be a good idea to drive to Sedona and participate in nothing else except a delux pof productivity time-share session.


Could be a good idea considering we’d be super cracked out and get a lot of work done. However, it could be an undercover crack out mistake waiting to attack us.

Is this a good idea?


MacBook Pro's new ad campaign

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if Apple came out with an ad like this for their new MacBook Pro??

The Second Best Thing To Adderall;



Discovery channel is amazing. The adderall matrix of discovery channel is very very high.


I heart you Discovery.



What's a good adderall book that I can read? I want to READ!

Update: Bad Behavior Dishwasher

People told me to have a foam party. So I decided to leave it and research the Cold War instead.READ MORE

POF = Icky Belly

I wish my pof (productive orange footballs) did not give me icky belly. READ MORE

Fantasy Football

This shit is so stressful!!! Why is it, that the week I decide to go with Big Ben, Kurt Warner has to throw 4 damn touchdown passes?? I mean seriously guys. Throw me a freakin bone here.READ MORE

Another poop!

I've taken 5 poops today. I swear adderall is the best pro-poop medication there is. When will the pooping end!READ MORE

Adderall Headache

I decided today would be a good day not to take adderall... Why is any day a good day not to take
adderall ? ? ?

I guess I start to overanalyze my adderall consumption and realize that I’m taking adderall more days than I’m not taking adderall. So... in fear for becoming dependent, and I’m not an advicocate or give any sympathy for addiction. I don’t think anyone should be messing around with any kind of drugs, if they have an addictive personality. I do not believe that addiction is a disease. It turns into a disease once you are addicted, but that’s another post, and another tangent. And yes, it doesn’t support the medical evidence but whatever...neither does the belief that God created the world and there is sure enough a huge following for that belief.

Screw you Carson Palmer

5 Touchdown passes today? Are you fucking serious?READ MORE

Stat Tracker

I love... absolutely love Sundays. Stat Tracker and adderall, go hand-in-hand. Unless you're loosing, or the game is really close. Because I've almost collapsed in my apartment living room screaming at the top of my lungs because I only needed Peterson to get 3 more yards and the Vikings decided to kick a field goal instead.