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Stendra FDA Approved for Erectile Dysfunction

On April 27, 2012 VIVUS, Inc. announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved Stendra (avanfil) tablets to treat erectile dysfunction. Stendra ends a nearly decade long wait since the FDA has approved a new drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

Stendra is a PDE5 inhibitor and is categorized in the same drug class as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and Staxyn. Although Stendra suggests taking Stendra 30 minutes before sexual activity, some men reported it working as fast as 15 minutes. Viagra typically takes about an hour to kick in. And yes, I do know from experience.

There was a clinical trial of over 1,200 men with ED who participated in the Stendra studies. 50mg, 100mg and 200mg doses of Stendra were given to some men and all the doses showed signs of improvement in erectile function compared to those men given a placebo.

77% of men with general erectile dysfunction were able to get an erection taking Stendra while 54% of the men who took a placebo did.

63% of men who had diabetes related ED got an erection after taking Stendra, while 42% of the men who took placebo.

Arrested for Selling Vyvanse

This is a classic case of what you should not do with your prescription medicine.
Kimber Leigh West, a 19 year old resident of Lake Saint Louis sold two doses of her prescription Vyvanse to an undercover officer on August 31st and November 18th at 1600 Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

arrested-for-selling-vyvanse-kimber-west charged-for-selling-prescription-drugs

Apparently, Kimber’s mother is as bright as she is, because she only sold two tablets of Vyvanse to the undercover cop because her mom knew she was selling her medication and only gave her a limited amount of pills at a time. Good parenting there mom.

According to the police report, Kimber West was arrested on February 6th by the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department and confessed to selling her Vyvanse prescription.


Angry Birds Space

YES! If it’s not the best time wasting game ever, I really don’t know what the hell is --
Angry Birds is back!

Just in time for the end of finals, ROVIO has come out with its official trailer for
Angry Birds Space! (#angrybirdsspace)

This game is sure to make DMV lines go faster, study sessions seem like they are never ending, and waiting rooms no longer of a wait. But how much time has Angry Birds actually taken away from productivity?


Somebody That I Used to Know

This is an awesome video that was forward to me by one of my pof friends. It’s rad and I wish I was involved with its production.

This video makes me want to grab my bong and chill the fuck out. It also makes me want to take singing lessons and guitar lessons.


All I Do Is Tweet #AdderallProblems

Adderall can turn the most boring class you’ve ever had into the most amazing, learning, plug me into the matrix, I love this class feeling within 45 minutes. Taking adderall and learning just feels good. But what I just LOVE to do, is tweet my random adderall thoughts. It’s freakin’ awesome.


I’m not the biggest twitter person out there, or a person who has been tweeting since tweeting was incepted all the way back in July of 2006. (It’s actually weird to see twitter accounts that have been around since then.) And I’m not someone to be tweeting 30-40 times throughout the day. Those people are annoying, and they become unfollowed faster than a new #SingleGirlProblems account gets created. However, I am a BIG FAN of tweeting while on adderall.

There’s something about interacting with people immediately, which tickles my “instant gratification” need, and the ability to interact with people all over the world instantly.

Who’s tweeting about #adderallproblems or #adderallsolutions? What are other people experiencing through the #adderallshortage? How can I help my fellow pof friends and get them to a pharmacy that has adderall on the shelves. I even created a page on this site, entirely for #adderallproblems tweets.

Twitter is helpful, informative, and awesome.

But with all the good things it brings it is also creates addicting habits. I check twitter first thing in the morning, and right before I go to bed. I have noticed that my overall productivity and list-mode syndrome declined with my increase in twitter. I stay up later than I should, because I’m too busy refreshing my timeline, and instead of taking time for myself and my own reality I look to twitter to fill those moments. I’ve also noticed my writing has decrease because most of my thoughts are tweeted rather than written down. However, my knowledge of world news, local events, social media, health, adderall, world trends and other random stuff has drastically improved because of my twitter use.

I have a few friends who don’t have twitter, don’t want to get twitter and really don’t understand the need, desire or reason to get onboard with twitter. That’s totally fine. But what I’m seeing and predicting is within the near future, we are going to be seeing a decrease in text messaging and an increase in tweeting.


Headlines (They Know) by Drake

I’m not a fan of TOP 40 music tracks, but I got to say everytime I hear “Headlines” by Drake it makes me want to get out into the world, knock some shit over, send some emails and conquer shit.

(photo courtesy of

I’m a fan of Lil Wayne, and when Lil Wayne signed Drake onto Young Money Entertainment back in June of 2009, I knew we were into something good. If Lil Wayne endorses it, that’s good enough for me.

Even though Lil Wayne isn’t the brightest star out there, I trust his music taste but not his ability for commonsense. Like the time he got arrested by Border Patrol agents near Yuma Arizona when he was on tour.

The Border Patrol found 105 grams of marijuana, almost 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of MDMA and $22,000 in cash. Any commonsense there? None. But must have been one hell of a party.

I was also sleeping with a Canadian actress/waitress back then who told me there’s a hot Canadian (yes Drake is Canadian) rapper exploding out of the Toronto music scene named Drake. So even if it wasnt for Lil Wayne I knew about him. #truth

To answer your question, yes I’m super cracked out right now. 40mg deep.


Cat On Adderall

Ever wonder what would happen if your dog or cat ate an adderall that you dropped on the floor? Well, in this video you can see just what happens.

The girl that is driving the car, is driving to her cat the hospital after her cat gobbled up her boyfriends meds.

The cat was probably figuring out the meaning of life, and strategizing how he could rid the world of mice, before his bitch decided taking him to the hospital was more important than his high.


Michael C. Hall Divorce

Michael C. Hall star of Dexter is a free man, after he and his ex-wife and co-star Jennifer Carpenter got divorced last Friday in Los Angeles, CA by Superior Court Judge John Sandoz.

Is it me or is Michael C. Hall the only person to ever survive a relationship with Deborah Morgan?? The couple got married in 2008, but Deb--- Jennifer Carpenter was cited as saying they have irreconcilable differences and filed for divorce last summer.

photo courtesy of The Canadian Press

Dexter Morgan and Deborah Morgan are now officially over but the co-stars insist that they are going to remain friends forever. I’d hope they do considering Dexter is one of the most awesome shows on television, and they play brother and sister in the series.


"Yoga Girl" Music Video by FOG and SMOG

I have a close girl friend who came over the other day and she introduced me to this video call Yoga Girl by SMOG AND FOG. I’ve never heard of the group before and was excited to hear/watch the video. (I love being turned onto new music.)

Side note on my friend she doesn’t drink...anymore. Total bummer.

She’s had some crazy good times when she was younger and realized she can continue to drink if she wants to live the life she wants to live...whatever that means...basically she’s an alcoholic.

Another note - she’s an extreme healthnut. I mean extreme healthnut.

She’s 100% Vegan, worksout all the time, fucking LOVES YOGA, mediatation, listening to relaxing music to help her find her innerself and to top it off lives on the Westside.

Living on the Westside means she lives in Santa Monica.

The Best Yacht Ever

I’m not a fan of mass emails or a fan of people who have too much time on their hands and forward chain letters from their crazy friends to me. I normally ask to be removed from these people’s email address book, but that never happens.


I got this email from one of those crazy people and was excited to see that the title of the email “BOAT FOR SALE” was actually a cool email.

or better yet


You think Americans would create something this large and over the top, but it was actually created and built by a UK company called (surprise surprise) “YACHT ISLAND DESIGNS.” <--- click over there if you want to be taken to their site.


Yacht Island Design company builds, designs and creates themed yachts, luxury yachts and oh so much more.

The design is inspired by tropical islands, with huts, a pool and of course and giant freakin’ volcano, that unfortunaltey does not errupt.


Funny Table Cloth Trick

This is what happens when kids forget to take their medication.

Adderall Twitter

Let me start of by saying, if you are not following me on twitter, then you still have an “un-checked” box on your bucket list.


<------- click on the pretty twitter sign here so you can get that bucket list of yours one check box smaller then before. Or you can follow me @AdderallJunkie if you feel nervous about pressing on big blue things.

Now that the awkward part is over, how much better do you feel? Feels good doesn’t it? (sidenote, I’m on 20mg right now).

The great thing about adderall and twitter, is that they both go hand-and-hand. There are only a few things better than taking an adderall and dicking around on twitter until your medication kicks in.

Who to follow?

What should I tweet?

What’s trending?

What is @IamEnidColeslaw saying this morning, today, afternoon, while she’s masturbating or shaving her vagina? (Yeah, Enid Coleslaw is some twisted bitch, and I heart her for it).

Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Steve Jobs is Dead. According to The Washington Post, they have confirmed that APPLE has said Steve Jobs is Dead... he died at 56.

(Reuters) Apple Inc co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, counted among the greatest American CEOs of his generation, died on Wednesday at the age of 56, after a years-long and highly public battle with cancer and other health issues.

I’m a huge Steve Jobs fan, and it’s really terrible news hearing that “Steve Jobs Dead” has been announced by Apple. I love my Apple products -- I’m a Mac user (if you cannot tell already), proud owner of an iPad, many iPods, and an iPhone.

Steve Jobs is Apple, and many people have suggested that with Tim Cook taking over as CEO from Jobs, that Apple would never be the same without him.


Scarlett Johansson Photos Leaked

Scarlett Johansson is an all time favorite of mine. She’s extremely talented, beautiful and I hear is a wonderful person. So, when I heard about her private photos being hacked and leaked to the public I only thought about one thing ---

I need to see those photos ---


What happened was a hacker got into her cell phone by hacking her account and posted Scarlett’s photos online.

The first photo shows Scarlett in a hotel room laying in her bed and posing topless for the camera. The second photo of Scarlett shows her with her back to the camera, and reveals her beautiful backside.

These photos are not raunchy or gross at all! I don’t know why websites and people say or think these photos are explicit and over the top. The photos wouldn’t get first billing in Playboy if it wasn’t for the fact that it was Scarlett Johansson. They are classy, sexy, not trashy at all, and actually have decent lighting and are framed well for being taken on a smart phone.

It’s pretty shitty that a group of people are hacking into female celebrities personal accounts and stealing their private photos.

Back in March,
TMZ reported that a group of hackers had busted in to rougly 50 A-List Actresses email accounts in an attempt to steal personal information and photos. The attacked list consists of Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato who have all had their personal accounts hacked.


Scarlett has also confirmed that the photos leaked are real, and not stage or impersonated by a look-a-like. Props to you Scarlett for being such a bad ass and saying that it really is you. You’re gorgeous - women want to look like you, be you - and men want to date you. You got the world and me in your hands.

You are my
POF Prophecy.


Teen Buried Alive While Digging a Tunnel at the Beach

So get this -- a 17 year old, got buried underneath a huge amount of sound for nearly 30 minutes and made it out alive. The teenager was "tunneling" (which means he has way too much time making sandcastles at the beach) and after the tunneling got to its tipping point, the teens tunnel collapsed on top of him. The below picture, which was taken by Newport Police Department, shows how large the tunnel must have been. The hole looks like it holds a monster from Star Wars doesn’t it?


The teen screamed and yelled, and passed out after a couple of minutes thinking he was going to die. However, fellow beach bystanders saw the collapse of the tunnel and thankfully everyone joined in the help the guy.


Limitless, Yes It's Real

I love, just love, the logline for the new movie LIMITLESS with Bradley Cooper.


It's not a "What If" Mr. Producers, there is a pill that makes you rich and powerful, and it comes in time release and fast acting baby!!! Waahoooo!! Plug me into the adderall matrix because I wan't to learn Chinese!

-AJ out

Google Wallpaper Doodle, I'm Stoned

It’s no surprise that I took a liking to the entire Google Wallpaper Doodle art contest performed by 40 Regional Finalists. I’m super stoned.

This is what Google says:

Vote now on the 40 Regional Finalists!
Here is a display of our top 40 Regional Finalists. Public online voting on these 40 Regional Finalists is now open through May 13, 2011 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT). This public vote will help determine the four national finalists, one per grade group (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12). You may only vote once in each of the four grade groups. On May 19, 2011 we will announce the national winner at an awards ceremony in New York. The national winner's doodle will appear on on May 20, 2011. For a list of the State Finalists that are not a part of this online voting round, please click here.”

I signed into Google and saw the vote now link and just had to click on it. Some of these Google Wallpaper pictures are extremely awesome. And I’m sure that some of the students actually drew some of the pictures, but you know that some of these kids parents drew the picture for the kid in grade school K-3. I’m mean grandmother wrote every single one of my “current events” in 3rd grade, and if this kind of contest was around when I was younger, and my grandmother knew how to draw this well, you better be damn sure that I would have been one of the top 40 regional finalists.

Parents and grandmothers alike, will do anything they can to show of their kid.

Google 13

I’re going to tell me that 7 year old Matteo Lopez here actually drew this Doodle 4 Google?READ MORE

Trade Nations | My Love For Beans

I’ve grown to love Trade Nations. Watching my villagers harvest crops, sheer wool, and gather rocks has found a new place in my heart and managed to fulfill productive time I could be spending on work or benefiting personal relationships.

Trade Nations is a free app game, that I installed 3-4 weeks ago on my iPad. I got over my “Angry Birds” addiction and needed another game to waste some time. And let me tell you --- I found it.

MacBook Pro's new ad campaign

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if Apple came out with an ad like this for their new MacBook Pro??

The Second Best Thing To Adderall;


Charlie Sheen | Tiger's Blood & WINNING!!!!

The guys must have an assistant standing by him at all times and tweeting the shit he says. He seriously tweets every 15 minutes, and no one except for high school girls can tweet that much shit. READ MORE


Discovery channel is amazing. The adderall matrix of discovery channel is very very high.


I heart you Discovery.


Screw you Carson Palmer

5 Touchdown passes today? Are you fucking serious?READ MORE