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Wireless Router

My buddy Zach doesn’t have a wireless router hooked up in his condo. He’s always said I could plug straight into the wall if I wanted to use the internet when I’m at his condo. So in order to do any kind of work, (and the internet is my work) I have to plug into the wall? Might as well hook me up to a dial tone and kick me in the balls. At least I could hear the dial-up connection noise from my youth, “You’ve Got Mail” days. And my ball pain would help alleviate the icky belly that I’m experiencing. READ MORE

Update: Bad Behavior Dishwasher

People told me to have a foam party. So I decided to leave it and research the Cold War instead.READ MORE

Bad Behavior Dishwasher

I ran out of dish soap so I put in hand soap and it started soaping everywhere! I asked for help on Facebook but no one got back to me. Ahh!READ MORE