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College, The Adderall Age

Every now and then I do some reading other than my Twitter Feed and Status Updates. I recently came across this article written by Deepika Bodapati, who at the time of the article is a 16 year old junior at Presentation High School. Her article is published on -- not bad my young high school Indian.

The title of Deepika’s article is “Adderall: The New Red Bull for Teens” It’s not a bad article considering all the bullshit out on the internet about Adderall, and Adderall Consumption.

But the article is a weak attempt at saying Adderall is a gateway drug, it’s dangerous and deadly and we need to be on the lookout for Adderall abuse in our own back yards.’s never ending with these people.

Listen here Deepika...We have all become instant gratification seeking individuals that expect everything in life to be now, now, now, and perfect, perfect, perfect. While our advances in communicating to one another as well as advances in our overall work efficiency with products like the iPhone, Android, iPad, MacAir, Mac Books and Google Laptop, etc we are all plugged in, and feeding into the system.

If we don't plug in, then we become out of date, passed up and unable to see our child’s camping trip pictures because you didn’t want to create a Facebook account remember? Do you know anyone who still prints pictures these days anyway?

4 Hour Adderall Work Week

I’m going to write a book and call it the “4 Hour Adderall Work Week.” I think the title is perfect for our generation of not just “the new rich” but the new adderall speed “instant gratification” lifestyle that we all want.

This photo from “Clueless” and by Sean D’Souza is a great representation of our current generation.

Not only is the 4 Hour Adderall Work Week affecting the lives of the 15-38 year olds, but little kids are becoming more needy and craving the need for now now now.