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Depression, a Common Side Effect of the Adderall Crash?

Recently, I’ve been receiving more questions about the common side-effects of the adderall crash, particularly asking about depression.

If you’ve ever pushed yourself to the limits on adderall you know what I’m talking about when I say, “adderall crash.”

If you’re one of the many people who have difficulty dealing with the crash, I suggest you read my blog post with helpful hints on surviving the crash.

Read it here --->
Adderall Crash - How to Deal with the Crash

I wanted to answer this question as a blog post and share with my readers my experience with the crash -- I feel it’s important for other people who take adderall or other ADHD prescription drugs to learn that they are not alone when certain feelings that he or she may not normally feel arise when coming off adderall.

**NOTE** I am not a doctor, or trying to pretend to be. My words and entire website is only my personal opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. If you are concerned with your health or having medical issues, please see a doctor and seek help.

Now that the legal mumbo-jumbo is out of the way here we go --


Subject: adderall crash

Message: Hi, I was wondering if depression is a common side effect of adderallcrash. I have found I have this issue only after stopping it or decreasing my dose, and I will either experience the common side of effect of increased anger or depression. Do anti-depressants help fend this off? Thanks!

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I’m going to answer the question in two parts;
#1 - Is depression a common side effect of the adderall crash?
#2 - Do anti-depressants help fend off depression from the adderall crash?


Adderall Shortage Continues in 2012

The adderall shortage will continue in 2012 and I doubt it will lessen up anytime soon.

The New York Times reported that the FDA has recently added adderall to its official drug shortages list.

You’d think that it being February of 2012 that pharmacies would have their shelves stocked with inventory. But that’s not the case.


There are a few different stories as to why there is an adderall shortage.

Some believe that the shortage should be blamed on the amount of people being diagnosed with ADHD and being prescribed medication for treatment.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, as of 2007 about 9.5 percent, or 5.4 million, of school aged children were diagnosed with ADHD.

There has also been an increase of 13.4 percent in adderall prescriptions from 2009 to 2010. Reuters reported that during 2009 to 2010 more than 18 million prescriptions of adderall were written.


Adderall Shortage 2011 Continues!

Calling all POF Friends out there. I wish I had some good knews to tell everyone but more and more information out there is telling us that the adderall shortage is only getting worse.

It’s a real bummer and complete bullshit that medication that is prescribed to treat our “illness” “disease” or whatever it is you want to call it cannot be easily acquired with a prescription.


I’m doing my best to get all the latest intell on the shortage crisis and will update all my pof friends and followers as soon as my medication kicks in.



Adderall Shortage Solutions

The Adderall Shortage that is happening across the counrty is straight out emo-retarded. It sucks, and it’s making our lives more anxiety filled then it should be. I doubt there is any other drug at this moment (besides cancer drugs) that people are complaining about the shortage more than adderall.


I’ve written 6 Ways to deal with the Adderall Recession that I have used first hand, when trying to get what I am prescribed by my doctor legally. The below have helped me through tough times.


Adderall Shortage

This information is taken from the FDA website which outlines drug shortages and the reason why there is a shortage. If you want to view the entire list of drugs which are experiencing a shortage, check it out here.

I have only listed the reason why amphetamine salts (the generic compound to make adderall xr and generic adderall) is on the short list.



Adderall Release Date

Why is it so difficult for the Pharmaceutical companies Teva and Bar to tell CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid and all the other pharmacies when they are planning to release adderall?!

There is a HUGE adderall shortage going on across the country, and I’m really not happy about it. Our country is full of ADD/ADHD adults and children running around without their prescription. People take adderall to accomplish ordinary tasks that they are not able to perform without taking their medication, and are not able to because of this adderall shortage.


Shut the Fuck Up...Please

Commonsense, just isn’t common anymore.

I’ve been saying those words for years, but it unfortunately keeps getting worse and worse. People are getting more and more dumb every year. Parents are increasing the handholding, non slapping parenting that populates new generations of pussies, and disrespectful fuck-or-fight MMA assholes and bitches to sound pollute the environment of us friendly adderall junkies.

Please leave me alone and shut the fuck up, I’m on adderall.


One of the most common adderall problems that I face is the annoyance of other people. It’s not a problem that I’m going to the bathroom every 30 seconds, and I can easily stand the pain of my TMJ, but loud, annoying people around me need to be buried in the sand, and pee’d on.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking...”Isn’t being pee’d on a good thing?” And it is, but it’s not good in this case, because it’s not out of love, and we’re not in college where it’s appropriate to try every and everything at least once.

Do people not understand the words, “Could you please shut the fuck up?”

In all seriousness - people these days think they have the right to be loud and ugly and that if anyone has a problem with it, they can shove it up their ass. I say fuck that. I wish people these days understood common sense. I wish they understood that while being in a library you need to be quiet. I actually feel sorry for the dumb blonde UCLA chick that decided it would be a good idea to post her rant about Asians in the library. If you haven’t seen the original youtube video you need to. It’s fucking great, and the responses back to her are even better.

UCLA | Asians in the Library | Shut Up | Dumb Blonde Rant


Automatic Hand Dryer Hater

I fucking hate automatic paper towel dispensers. In fact, I hate all automatic dispenser’s of any kind that are in a public restroom. I understand the fact that it’s there to “help eliminate waste” “keep our bathrooms clean” “you’re saving trees” but fuck what you’re really doing is, giving me tiny shitty pieces of paper that are not big enough to wipe my dick after a piss.


If you are going to make the general public suffer with these automated paper towel dispensers or blowers, there should be automated shoe cleaners, asshole water cleansers, and mints in all public bathrooms providing these frustrating machines.

  • Paper is not big enough to blow my nose in.
  • Produce one full length of paper that should be large enough to wipe down an entire bathroom counter.
  • If the automatic sensor does not work, they should become manually operated.
  • Increase dispenser speed.
  • How about automated paper towel refills??


Limitless Adderall | Adderallville

Imagine a world where there was LIMITLESS ADDERALL, and no one cared how much adderall you ate.

Feels good doesn’t it?

A world, much like Nellyville, but a world that we'll call Adderallville. This would be a place where limitless adderall would be free for all citizens to enjoy. No more phyciatrsist appointments. No more need for insurance claims, the need for doctor check ups.
The pointless questions of “Have you lost any weight since the last time we met? Are you sleeping properly?” Of course I’m not sleeping properly! I’m on adderall!

We would never run out of adderall, and we would never again have to depend on the insufficient pharmacies to stock their shelves, because in Adderallville adderall is stocked in grocery stories, and they give it out for free.READ MORE

Addie 8PM Rule

It’s hard when to call it when you’re really having a nice cracky session. My addie girlfriend suggested a rule which I think is very helpful when knowing when to call it quits when taking adderall.The rule is, not to take adderall after 8PM on a weekday. This rule, which we call “Addie 8PM” is a great rule because it forces you to get your work in without over abusing your adderall immediate release pills to keep pushing yourself and chasing the adderall buzz you had around 4:30PM.

Adderall Ulcer

Does Adderall Make Your Stomach Hurt? Well, Its making my stomach hurt recently. More so than the normal IBS that kicks in after taking a fresh 20mg to an empty stomach. This pain isn’t even from the stomach, it’s lower around my upper intestines.

Has anyone ever gotten an ulcer from adderall?READ MORE

Adderall Pissing Problem

I think I have the smallest bladder in the world......It’s definitely a combination of a lot of things that lead to my belief that I have a smaller bladder than a 2nd trimester baby girl (do they even have a bladder then?), but nevertheless my belief is solid.

No Adderall Consumption

I got off the addie rollercoaster and have been doing Home Improvement for the last 5 days. I find it hard to do any physical tasks when cracky. READ MORE

I Lost My Adderall

I just got my prescription filled on Friday. It's now Saturday and I don't know where my adderall is... I think my roommate or one of her friends who came over might have taken my script. READ MORE

Um Yeah

After a full day of taking adderall, I was trying to pull it together and get ready for the night. I was having a girl over, which was fucking retarded because I'm on so much adderall my dick couldn't get hard even if I didn't freak out that much in order to get her into the sack.READ MORE

Damn You Apartment Lock

I live in an apartment and work from home. I took my medication at 9am and immediately went downstairs to check the mail. What I didn't realize is that in an adderall daze I grabbed my car keys and not my apartment keys and locked myself out of my place. READ MORE