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Adderall Crash - How to Deal with the Crash

UPDATED article on adderall crash symptoms and what you can do to avoid the crash.

So you took too much adderall and you’re crashing, and you’re experience the adderall crash or the adderall comedown. It happens to each and every one of us who takes adderall. So don’t freak out.


You most likely took too much adderall throughout the day, and pushed yourself to exhaustion and you’re now unable to do anything else, thus resulting in your adderall crash. Your head hurts, speaking gets slurred, and now you either need to get back to the way you felt 2 hours ago (you won’t feel that good so please call it quits with my adderall rule that you need to instill) or you need to pass out from this crash.

Please work on passing out. Here’s what to do in order to help ease the adderall crash next time.


Adderall Crash

I’m exhausted.... I’ve been on the adderall roller coaster since April 8th hitting the replay buttom day start and day end. There has really been no beginning or ending of the days, they have turned into blurs and memories that feel took place years ago.

Did we meet with Sarah on Monday, or was that this morning? Yes... it was this morning... I’m losing my mind and my head feels like one big adderall pill.

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